Ubuntu Studio

17.04 (32-bit)



A Linux distribution for the most creative people


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Ubuntu Studio is one of the official derivatives of Ubuntu, like Kubuntu or Edubuntu, apart from the Linux distribution meant for the most used multimedia production in the world. The basic installation includes a selection of the most used free multimedia applications, with tools for audio editing, graphic design, video montage and photographic retouching.

This operating system is optimized for all these tasks, with a Kernel capable of working in real time, indispensable if you want to use it to edit audio or video.

Being an official derivative of Ubuntu, this operating system benefits from all the official updates and repositories that can be used for any task apart from those that characterize it.

Among the selection of Ubuntu Studio applications there are some that really stand out like Ardour for audio editing, Blender for space creation and 3D animation, OpenShot as video editor or GIMP for photographic retouching.
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